Unkind Ladies (K-Drama) 2015

Unkind Ladies (K-Drama) 2015

Unkind Ladies (K-Drama) 2015

Sinopsis Drama Korea Unkind Ladies (K-Drama) 2015 : This drama features the women of three generations and people around them.Ma Ri grows up as a good teacher of this generation where there is no true mentor. Hyun Sook, who has been a troublemaker, realizes the love and support of her family. Kang Soon Ok regards herself as unlucky, but later on realizes how happy she has been.How can you hold up when your life gets tough? You will figure it out by holding up day by day, just like these women in the drama.


  • Title: 착하지 않은 여자들 / Chakhaji Anheun Yeojadeul
  • Also known as: Unkind Women
  • Genre: Family, drama, romance
  • Episodes: 24
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Broadcast period: 2015-Feb-25 to 2015-May-14
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00
  • Original Soundtrack: Unkind Ladies OST


Main Cast
  • Kim Hye Ja as Kang Soon Ok
  • Chae Si Ra as Kim Hyun Sook
    • Ha Seung Ri as young Kim Hyun Sook
  • Do Ji Won as Kim Hyun Jung
    • Im Joo Yun (임주연) as young Kim Hyun Jung
  • Lee Ha Na as Jung Ma Ri
People around Kang Soon Ok
  • Lee Soon Jae as Kim Chul Hee
    • Kim Hyun Kyoon as young Kim Chul Hee
  • Jang Mi Hee as Jang Mo Ran
  • Lee Mi Do as Park Eun Shil
People around Kim Hyun Sook
  • Park Hyuk Kwon as Jung Goo Min
  • Seo Yi Sook as Na Hyun Ae
  • Kim Hye Eun as Ahn Jong Mi
    • Kim Min Young as young Ahn Jong Mi
People around Kim Hyun Jung
  • Son Chang Min as Lee Moon Hak
People around Jung Ma Ri
  • Song Jae Rim as Lee Roo Oh
  • Kim Ji Suk as Lee Doo Jin
Other people
  • Choi Jung Woo as Han Choong Gil
  • Jung Ji Soon as Sun Dong Tae
  • Chae Sang Woo as Gook Young Soo
  • Ji Yi Soo (지이수) as Jae Kyung
  • Yeo Hoe Hyun
  • Kwak Seung Nam
  • Jang Kwang
  • Jung Dong Kyu

Production Credits

  • Production Company: IOK Media (IOK미디어)
  • Chief Producer: Jung Hae Ryong (정해룡)
  • Producer: Yoon Jae Hyuk (윤재혁), Kim Dong Hwi (김동휘)
  • Director: Yoo Hyun Ki, Han Sang Woo (한상우)
  • Screenwriter: Kim In Young


  • 2015 KBS Drama Awards:
    • PD Award (Kim Hye Ja)
    • Top Excellence Actress (Chae Si Ra)
    • Best Writer (Kim In Young)

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Episode 01 : j.gs/5H8N
Episode 02 : j.gs/5HRa
Episode 03 : j.gs/5Jle
Episode 04 : j.gs/5KDW
Episode 05 : j.gs/5Mex
Episode 06 : j.gs/5N27
Episode 07 : j.gs/5PKy
Episode 08 : j.gs/5Pii
Episode 09 : j.gs/5Rxu
Episode 10 : j.gs/5SSV
Episode 11 : j.gs/5UIr
Episode 12 : j.gs/5UdR
Episode 13 : j.gs/5Wq8
Episode 14 : j.gs/5XBd
Episode 15 : j.gs/5ZZl
Episode 16 : j.gs/5a2Q
Episode 17 : j.gs/5cHw
Episode 18 : j.gs/5cp6
Episode 19 : j.gs/5exW
Episode 20 : j.gs/5gKB
Episode 21 : j.gs/5hCf
Episode 22 : j.gs/5hek
Episode 23 : j.gs/5jjX
Episode 24 : j.gs/5jxV     END


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